Unique Product Offerings

The Lending Partners does not stop with standard 15-year conventional, 30 year conventional ,FHA, VA, and Jumbo products that you find with every lender that you come across.  

We bring you a plethora of unique home financing products that are specifically designed to help you save money.


In addition to our standard products some of our unique products:

Purchase plus pool loan

Bridge loan and

Purchase plus renovation loan.

Our Purchase plus pool loan allows you to roll in the cost of a new swimming pool into the purchase of your home and break ground on the pool the same day you close.

Tap into the equity you’ve built in your current home and use it towards the down payment of a new home, even if your current home is already listed for sale with our Bridge loan.

Our purchase plus renovation loan allows you do significant remodeling or renovation to the home you want to purchase and roll it all into one loan with one closing.


Contact us for more information and details on any or all of these products.